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30GB Mobile Internet PC

Telia Eesti (Elion)

Address: Valge 16, 19095, Tallinn

Phone(s): 165/ 631-3322


Registered in the following countries: ESTONIA

Telia Eesti (Elion) is a telecommunications company that operates across Estonia. Telia Eesti (Elion) (formal name AS Eesti Telekom) is a subsidiary of Baltic Tele AB. The company was established in 1991. It is headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia. The company delivers telecommunication services to individuals as well as small, medium and large companies in Estonia. They can offer now a wide range of products and services such as integrated mobile and broadband services, television, and other Internet-related services.


Telia Eesti (Elion) presents an offer of mobile Internet access designed for PCs. 30GB Mobile Internet PC includes 30GB of monthly data allowance, 4G network, speeds up to 300Mbps (down) / 50 Mbps (up) using 4G technology or 21.6 Mbps (down) / 5.7 Mbps (up) for 3G technology. Moreover, you can get now the music in Spotify Premium music service fo 1 year. This 4G Internet plan is a best speed mobile Internet in Estonia. Probably, it also covers over 97% of Estonia so you can be sure of its availability across the country.



Name Download Upload Type Price Payment FAP
30GB Mobile Internet PC 300 Mbit/s 50 Mbit/s Mobile broadband $18,89 monthly 30GB

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