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4G LTE Tablet XL

Movistar Chile

Address: Avenida El Bosque Sur 90, Las Condes, Santiago

Phone(s): T : 600-600-3000/2010/ (2) 2661-6000 F : (2) 2661-6000


Registered in the following countries: CHILE

Movistar is an Internet Service Provider located in Santiago, Chile. They specializes in the provision of mobile Internet access to individuals, large companies and in creating offerings on demand. Their scope of services includes TV, telephony, Home Internet, IPTV, Tablet Internet, and other services. Their services are of high quality. The company guarantees high speeds of Internet services and high level of Internet access security for big families.


Movistar Chile offers 4G LTE Tablet XL plan for businesses that would like to surf the Net at high speeds. This offer is tailored to business needs because it has 10 times faster speed than 3G technology thanks to which your business can download and share files, use many applications and take part in video conferences, and more. You get 8GB of data allowance, 7Mbps as an average speed and there is a promotion of 20% discount lasting 12 months. This offer includes McAfee Antivirus protection. Promotional price is USD 27.88 per month.



Name Download Upload Type Price Payment FAP
4G LTE Tablet XL 7 Mbit/s 7 Mbit/s Mobile broadband $27,88 monthly 8GB

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