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Company Management Data 10GB +

Entel Chile

Address: Avenida Andrés Bello 2711, Providencia, Santiago

Phone(s): T : 600-367-7000/ 800-367-800/ (2) 2365-1000 F : (2) 2368-8493


Registered in the following countries: CHILE

Entel is an Internet Service Provider that was one of the first telecommunication companies in Chile. They are headquartered in Santiago. Their mission is to provide their Internet and Internet-related services to all types of customers and also to large businesses that would like to increase their productivity. Entel Chile has a great experience that they would like to share with their partners and clients. The company will do anything to meet the customers' needs.


Entel Chile offers Company Management Data 10GB + plan dedicated for not only small but also large enterprises and other organizations in the need of data and voice services. This offer includes unlimited minutes to all destinations, free traffic of 10GB, 5 o’clock SMS. If you need more MBs, minutes, MMS or text messages you can purchase them on additional fee of about USD 0.01 / 1MB, USD 0.07 per SMS, USD 0.14 per MMS.



Name Download Upload Type Price Payment FAP
Company Management Data 10GB + 4 Mbit/s 1.58 Mbit/s Business Internet $97,98 monthly 10GB

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