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Fiber Optics to 1Gbit /s (downstream)

Free SAS

Address: 8, rue de la Ville L'Eveque Paris, 75008 France

Phone(s): T : 892-135-151, 1044, 3244, F: 0899 90 5000


Registered in the following countries: FRANCE

FREE SAS is an Internet Service Provider that was acquired in 1999. They are headquartered in Paris, France. FREE SAS is known to be a subsidiary of Iliad SA. They specializes in the provision of high quality,secure and cost-effective Internet services for individuals as well as for companies in France. In their wide range of products you may find dial-up services, high-speed Internet access (ADSL), and more. FREE SAS also delivers shared web site hosting and domain names service.


FREE SAS offers not only ADSl and mobile Internet access but also a super-fast, high quality and very cost-effective Fiber Optics to 1Gbit /s (downstream) for residential use. This fiber access offers many benefits such as reliable and secure fiber access ( free flow), data transfer is provided via dedicated fiber available to each fiber Internet plan user. What’s more, this fiber plan is insensitive to electrical emissions from other Internet equipment so that there are no interruptions while using this service.



Name Download Upload Type Price Payment FAP
Fiber Optics to 1Gbit /s (downstream) 1024 Mbit/s 1024 Mbit/s Fiber to the home $price on request monthly

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