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HKBN Wi-fi service for 1 unit

Hong Kong Broadband Network Limited

Address: 13th-16th Fls., Trans Asia Centre, 18 Kin Hong St., Kwai Chung New Territories, Hong Kong

Phone(s): T : (852)3498 3498 F : (852)2199 8181


Registered in the following countries: HONG KONG

Hong Kong Broadband Network Limited (in short HKBN Ltd.) delivers telecommunication services to all individuals and businesses operating in Hong Kong. HKBN Ltd. offers a wide range of telecom services between which you may find broadband (Internet access) as well as Wi-Fi , dedicated communication services, much of entertainment plus some high quality cloud solutions. The company delivers fiber optics and wireless solutions (Wi-fi Networks) across the country so that you can be sure that you will be able to use super-fast services at affordable prices.


HKBN Wi-fi is a service especially designed for residential use thanks to which you will be able to use very fast fibre-optic broadband at your home. Today, HKBN Wi-Fi Wireless Broadband covers more than 11,000 Wi-Fi hotspots* across Hong Kong. This service can support all kinds of online activities such as downloading and uploading files, sharing data, media streaming, VoIP, and more. HKBN Wi-fi for 1 unit (1 Wi-fi device at the same time) can be used on laptops, tablets, PCs, smartphones, netbooks, and other mobile devices. Monthly fee is about USD 2.28 a month with an option of automatic renewal.



Name Download Upload Type Price Payment FAP
HKBN Wi-fi service for 1 unit 512 kbit/s 128 kbit/s Wi-Fi $2,28 monthly

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