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IDOOM ADSL Professionals 8Mbps

Algérie Telecom

Address: Route Nationale No. 5, Mohammadia, 16130 Algiers

Phone(s): T : (21) 823-838 F : (21) 823-839


Registered in the following countries: ALGERIA

Algérie Telecom was established in 2003. Algérie Telecom creates, installs, and manage/control public telecommunication networks across the country. They are headquartered in Algeria. The company has in their wide offer many practical tools and telephone equipment as well as prepaid fixed telephone cards. Algérie Telecom offers also many variations of mobile phone lines, and broadband Internet networks. Other services that they offer: Idoom ADSL, Idoom Fixe, Fimaktabati and Fi@mane, Khlass.


Algérie Telecom offers IDOOM ADSL Professionals with speeds up to 8Mbps. This ADSL tariff is suited for business needs. It can be delivered across Algeria to business users who would like to use secure, dependable and affordable Internet options. This package includes 10 email boxes pro + eDrive 5GB + 2 fixed IP address+ wi-fi modem at cost-effective monthly price.



Name Download Upload Type Price Payment FAP
IDOOM ADSL Professionals 8Mbps 8 Mbit/s 128 kbit/s Business Internet $297,60 monthly

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