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Magic Internet L

Slovak Telekom, a. s.

Address: Bajkalska 28 Bratislava, 817 62 Slovakia

Phone(s): T: (2) 5881-1111 F: (2) 5249-2492


Registered in the following countries: SLOVAKIA

Slovak Telekom, a. s. has changed its name in 2006. The company was established in 1999. This company is an Internet Service Provider with a headquarter in Bratislava, Slovakia. Slovak Telekom, a. s. is well-known as a subsidiary of CMobil B.V. The company provides individuals and businesses with high-quality voice & data services over fixed and mobile telecommunication networks across the country. They offer a wide scope of telecommunication products and services such as Internet access tariffs, digital TV, MMS services plus roaming services no matter where you live in Slovakia.


Slovak Telekom, a. s. has designed a special offer for home and mobile Internet users who wish to choose from many options of delivering Internet access to their homes or mobile devices. Thanks to Slovak Telekom your dreams about fiber optic Internet package ( 40/4 Mbps) or VDLS package (20/2Mbps) or ADSL plan (5/0.5 Mbps) can come true thanks to tariff called Magic Internet L. Monthly payment can amounts to USD 16.20.



Name Download Upload Type Price Payment FAP
Magic Internet L 40 Mbit/s 4 Mbit/s Fiber to the home $16,20 monthly
Magic Internet L 5 Mbit/s 512 kbit/s DSL, ADSL, SDSL, VDSL $16,20 monthly
Magic Internet L 20 Mbit/s 2 Mbit/s DSL, ADSL, SDSL, VDSL $16,20 monthly

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