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Mtel Mobile Internet 200MB for your mobile phone

Mobiltel (Mtel)

Address: 1 Kukush Street, Sofia 1309

Phone(s): T : (88) 850-0031‎ F : (88) 850-0032


Registered in the following countries: BULGARIA

Mobiltel (Mtel) is a telecommunications company operating in Bulgaria. They are the first ICT operator in the country. Mobiltel provides high quality network as well as other services dedicated for individuals and businesses (small, medium, large companies). Mtel can give you the freedom to purchase your favorite option so that you will be freely using Internet access to keep in touch with your family or business partners at affordable prices. If you need high quality communications - Mtel can deliver it to you.


Mobiltel (Mtel) can provide you with high speed, flexible and secure tariff of mobile Internet thanks to which you will have 200MB of monthly data allowance for only USD 1.04 per month with no restrictions. This tariff is created for residential use. You will be provided with a permanent Internet access for your smartphone ( no matter what is the size of files you are downloading ). This plan is best for surfing the Net, sending e-mails and chatting.



Name Download Upload Type Price Payment FAP
Mtel Mobile Internet 200MB for your mobile phone 512 kbit/s 128 kbit/s Mobile broadband $1,04 monthly 200MB

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