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Private VSAT Networks (C-band or Ku Band)

IG Telecom

Address: Rue du Gouverneur Balley, Libreville

Phone(s): Tel (241) 01 72 97 97 Fax (241) 01 72 10 60, Tel (241) 01 56 01 75 Fax (241) 01 56 01 76


Registered in the following countries: GABON

IG Telecom was the 1st ISP in Gabon. It was established near the year 1996. They deliver as an operator private data (since 2001). They also offer Internet broadband , i.e. ADSL, VSAT, Ku-band and more. They are a VSAT market leader in Gabon as well as in the sub-region. The company is growing strong and they achieve more and more goals every year. Their services are dedicated for individuals and businesses of many sizes.


IG Telecom specializes in the provision of a business as well as administration of a private infrastructure satellite communications including data & voice services, video conferencing and more. This solution is great even for a very remote places between all Gabon’s sites . Here you will have a guarantee of speeds for your Internet access (C-band or Ku-band). If you are a company or administration body you can get this solution very quickly and freely surf the Net and do your job duties at a blazing speed.



Name Download Upload Type Price Payment FAP
Private VSAT Networks (C-band or Ku Band) 512 kbit/s 128 kbit/s Business Internet $price on request monthly

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