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Starman Internet M

AS Starman

Address: Rävala puiestee 19, Tallinn 10143

Phone(s): T : 1770/ 677-9900 F : 677-9901


Registered in the following countries: ESTONIA

AS Starman is a telecommunications company that operates in Estonia. AS Starman was established in 1992 and is headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia. Their experience helps them in the creation of new products and services. They specialize in the provision of Cable TV services, telecommunication services, and other products in Estonia. The company also provides data communication tariffs for individuals. They also offer triple play services for residential use. The company delivers best quality cable TV, high-speed Internet and also telephony services as an integrated service. They have also to offer so called ZUUMtv.


AS Starman as a telecommunications company can offer you an ultra-fast internet connection with speed up to 400 Mbps. If you need lower speeds (20 Mbps) because of an occasional need to use the Internet, the Internet bundle “M” can meet your requirements. This is a fiber optic access on which you can rely no matter what are the weather conditions. This Internet bundle is easy to use, reliable and of high quality. Starman Internet M is designed for residential use (medium-speed Internet best).



Name Download Upload Type Price Payment FAP
Starman Internet M 20 Mbit/s 20 Mbit/s Home Internet $price on request monthly

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