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Technological Trailblazer

Towngas Telecommunications Ltd

Address: 21st Floor, 363 Java Road, North Point, Hong Kong

Phone(s): Tel: (852) 2963 3666, (852) 2963 3546 Fax: (852) 2963 3524


Registered in the following countries: HONG KONG

Towngas Telecommunications Ltd is a young company but they have a wide experience in telecommunications area of business. When you see a mainland of China, Towngas Telecom has developed there many telecommunications infrastructures to deliver best quality and customer-oriented Internet and Internet-related services which can be used by SMEs and large companies as well as home users. There are also some offers directed to telecommunications operators plus broadcast institutions in Liaoning, and other cities. They have a long IT success story so that now they can create a dependable mode of operation across the country.


Towngas Telecommunications Ltd. offers many Internet, networking and mobile solutions for commercial use. Towngas Telecom can now deliver to individuals and businesses Internet speeds of up to 100Gbps, point-to-point (PTP) fibre links as well as dedicated bandwidth services of high security level, high quality and at affordable prices across Hong Kong. We can underline such services as T3/DS3 and STM-1 plus STM-64, GE & 10GE. You can also be provided with cheap and efficient network communication services dedicated for professionals, experts, large companies, institutions and other business units with high demands.



Name Download Upload Type Price Payment FAP
Technological Trailblazer 512 kbit/s 128 kbit/s Business Internet $price on request yearly

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