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VPN for Home office / small office solutions

AT&T Slovakia

Address: Hanulova 5/B, 84101 Bratislava

Phone(s): T: (2) 6925-7242 F: (2) 6428-1697


Registered in the following countries: SLOVAKIA

AT&T is a global company that operates in many countries. They have a branch office in Slovakia (AT&T Slovakia) thanks to which they are able to deliver high quality services across the country. AT&T Slovakia has been an active ISP in Slovakia since 2002. Their team of professionals (IT specialists) is still growing (today they hire more than 2,000 people and they are planning to hire more). At present, the company has 2 large centers- one in Bratislava and the second one in Košice. AT&T Slovakia keeps a highly skilled workers so that they can design high quality, secure, dependable services (Internet, other telecommunication solutions) for all types of customers.


AT&T Slovakia offers special services dedicated for Home offices and small offices. This is a remote Access Service that is perfect for extending your company’s VPN to telecommuters as well as remote staff in their small or home offices. Your workers will be able to use a VPN access at their home offices. You will be able to share, exchange information via Internet connectivity so that everyone in your company will have the access to the company’s resources.



Name Download Upload Type Price Payment FAP
VPN for Home office / small office solutions 512 kbit/s 128 kbit/s Local Area Networks $price on request monthly

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